{ from eggental to pustertal }

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When you realise you’ve had one too many..

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It’s not fair for him to even be on the show. Who’s gonna beat him? Seriously?

Yeah he’s gonna win.

I can’t get enough of this.

I’m sure he gets tired of it but I pray he does The Carlton at least once though. This shit was week one though? Everyone else needs to just quit haha.

Isn’t he a trained dancer? I know he’s trained in tap because of fresh prince, but liiiikeee this isn’t fair he is too good

They’ve had trained dancers on the show in previous seasons. 

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HARRYWill you please all join me to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to our very own Irish friend, Niall James Horan, while he Irish jigs?

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It’d be nice to get a “hey I’d fuck you” every once in a while

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Me in two sentences.

Me:I won't get jealous.
Me:Who's this fucking whore.
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